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Kurt Cobain was no more tortured of heroic than you or i, he was simply vulnerable to severe depressive episodes, probably during one of which he took his life. As, unfortunatley, many people with prevage this condition colas - montreal,. We're all in y working a real job for 40 hours a week coming home dead tired and still not being able to pay all your e how much pain you'll be in then. Kurt had a job as proffesional musician. He did the only thing he ever wanted to do for a living. He made millions of dollars and had the world by the balls. I am so sick of hearing about the tortured artists. If he did not want his music commercialized than he should never have signed a record deal. What about his kid. How much pain will his child be in knowing his father killed himself?

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Despite the utter simplicity of the lyrics, the song is really deep in its display of raw ssi - south Bloomfield,. Hey brian from Boston, he was f-ked up before he was famous and he didn't even want to pursue music that much, and he wasn't planning on mainstream going crazy for wnsie - townsie,. On live at reading they play a part of More Than a feeling which makes you realize how much the riff looks like the other. In case you dudnt know, kurt had a funny point of view in life and he mocked a lot of things. In this he was making a mockery of teens :p. First song i learned to play entirely. Yes courtney love killed kurt. i get carried awayjean - san Lorenzo, puerto rico. I find it really funny how all of these people who never even knew Kurt Cobain for a second seem to know all about his valentina personal life and more so the meaning behind every creme single song ra - union City,. Hey, brian from Boston, maybe you've heard of something called bi-polar disorder.

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early 40s had 2 teenage kids so i had to watch the video whether I wanted to or not. To be honest I couldn't understand one word of it but had never seen that much emotion put into a song. Kurt Cobain seemed very angry and passionate about what he was trying to say. I eventually became of fan of Nirvana's music and still don't fully understand why such a talented young man took his life so violently. Randy - houghton lake,. My parents just recently gave me a copy of nevermind, and I feel that it's indubitably nirvana's best album. "Smells like teen Spirit" is the epitome of teen angst music, and it accurately portrays the darker portions of the teenage soul.

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Why try to understand that which you can never comprehend, such as kurt, his mouth said one thing his mind said leb - hobart, australia teen spirit a classic. I love the way the song digs or mocks the celeb. World,.".you would swear that the grunge generation myself included invented sex,drugs,rock n roll, rebellion, and the feeling that the world quality is against them by the way we go on about how clever nirvanas interpetation of growing up 80s and 90s i feel because kurt died. A forever young new romantic. Dare i say a secert pop fan. Pj - dublin, Ireland kurt is an awful influence but hes f-kin epic so it evens out! October - las Vegas, nv yeah, im sure courtney's crazy ass killed him. She brought him en to the ultimate end. She is a ngeful and jealousBrianna - heber Springs,. Sean from ca, that was awesome. Thank you for sharing your take on the ianna - heber Springs,.

Shadow, depression - "Plateau" is a meat Puppets song that they covered for Unplugged, not an original. If a person finds enjoyment in understanding the song go ahead. I find enjoyment in the ch - joliet,. This song is great- it's one of those songs that can be done by no one except for the original artist/music group. And Kurt Cobain's dead. And weird Al Yankovic can do what he wants, but his parody is no match for this song. It's not my favorite by nirvana (that would be either "Plateau"- which doesn't even have a songfact on here, can someone please change that- or "Come As you are but it is still a great adow - depression,. Screw all of u, i like this kind of music and this song, im 13 and it's 2012. What u got 2 say 2 dat? I say that means there's hope 4 future generations. Fabian - chicago,.

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And one day after their appearance on snl on January 12th, 1992 it barbarum started its 'yo-yo' adventure up and down the top 10; it first peaked at #6, dropped to #9, then #8 for two weeks, back to #6, dropped down to #9,. I.p kurt Cobain ( ).Barry - sauquoit,. I just thought of something. This didn't apply back when this song was written but nowadays I feel it sums up the attitudes/personalities of teens perfectly. "Oh, no, i know a dirty word, 'hello. Nowadays you can't even say hello to a young teenager because they're all into their phones and apps and such. You say hi to a teen and they look at you like you got two heads. Young people don't know how to interact with people anymore unless it's through a phone or computer. Saying "Hello" to them is like a dirty word. Zero - nowhere,. wellston forum topix

Zero - the Abyss,. The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards : Best Hard Rock performance with Vocal and Best Rock song. Entertainment weekly would later name nirvana's loss to Eric Clapton in the best Rock song category as one of the 10 biggest upsets in Grammy history. Rawan Hagag - cairo, egypt. Kurt Cobain didn't learn things antifaltencreme that fast as the other in the class, and he had problems with his homework. So then his teacher decided to let him skip some of the class and help the janitor instead. The other in the class didn't think that was any cool and started to bully him. In the music video you can see a janitor are happy and dance with his mop, that is Cobain's way to say " haha, i succeeded as well."Dennis - bjørkelangen, norway. In a documentary made specifically about the song, Kris noveselic says that the song was about "School and youthful rebellion" commenting on how Kurt really liked this movie where the kids of the school "Freak out and take over the school." And that was the. Anarchy and ris - greenville,. On January 11th 1992, nirvana performed "Smells like teen Spirit" on the nbc-tv program 'saturday night live'. One month earlier on December 1st, 1991 it debut on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart at position #40.

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On the bottle of Johnny kopen walker Red Label. What does the man with the walking Cane look like on the front? Yep a mosquito sucking-up blood. Kurt just didn't want to promote Drinking. Ever seen a bottle of Johnny walker 18yr old Whisky? It's what we call Hard Alcohol in the. Now you know why it's fun to loose and Pretend. She's over board and self assured. How do people not see the forest. They can't hear the trees they walk into. kell from California, england irelandKelly calk - ireland. Rawan Hagag - just curious, is Metallica's 1989 loss to jethro tull also on that list?

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That song explains a lot! I owned every album and have every song on my itunes account. David Grohl (he even said it removal wasn't Nirvana's best single) btw I consider to be the most talented musician of my lifetime! The guy does it all. Plays every instrument better than most can play any instrument Writes lyrics better than most people write lyrics. I was watching SportsCenter tonight and kevin Ryder was doing an interview with neal Buccigross he asked who the five coolest people he had ever had on his show he said dave grohl dave grogl Bono dave grohl and Chris Cornell! God rest his soul and his beautiful voice! If you get the chance google kevin Ryder interview on SportsCenterKraig - south georgia. The song teen Spirit makes perfect sense, if you just listen to it the way it's written. All the mystery over words that don't seem to fit. It's the names of different Drinks at the bar. A mulatto, an Albino, a mosquito, and don't forget my libido, you can see how it all falls together.

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A girls' deodorant inspired this? Mind ke - london,. I was 12 when first heard this song. It was solely responsible for changing music. Nobody but Kurt knew the actual pain he was. The guy had a ulcer ridden stomach and spent his money on hydrating street meds to help deal with pain. I'm talking bout a guy that walked around with only one shoe on sometimes to go meet his drug dealer. Money meant nothing to kurt. Love on other hand was greedy. I agree with who said she killed him. Listen to pennyroyal tea.

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